A letter from John Watkins of ENLASO Corp.

Dear Asya,

I am writing to offer you my sincerest sympathies for the recent loss of your father. He worked with us for many, many years. He was a loyal, dedicated employee at ENLASO who applied his high intelligence with great integrity to help our customers have the best Russian translations they could have. His history with us goes back to Polyglot where he and Igor [Bekman] were integral to the Russian linguistic work at that time. With Igor, he continued supporting our efforts by moving with us to RWS LLC after the purchase of Polyglot and then to ENLASO after the management buyout of RWS LLC in 2004. He transitioned to On-Demand (part-time employee) status when he reached retirement age; however, he still kept active in ENLASO linguistic projects, working side-by-side with Igor, serving as his editor for many years. We will truly miss his presence in our company.

My deepest condolences to you, Asya, at this difficult time,

John Watkins

President, ENLASO Corporation


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